Advancements in GPS Tracking

GPS tracking software is usually used in many GPS tracking gadgets and this software continues to evolve. The combined power of the computer, the satellite, and internet technology has led to the growth of GPS tracking software to include more options than ever. The latest advancements and features in this field are highlighted below. Learn more from

Real-Time Updates

This is dependent on the GPS tracking gadget on use. This software can offer a live and on-screen report on the exact location of a person, vehicle or parcel from anywhere in the globe. This feature has offered a very cost effective tracking solution inclusive of shipping, commercial fishing, and aviation. This application of GPS tracking ensures that every company asset has a GPS tracking device.


At one time, GPS tracking was considered to only offer crude renditions of the real terrain. But this application has improved greatly over time. GPS tracking software now offers real photo maps in detail from any position of a GPS tracking gadget. This has been enhanced by the integration of GPS tracking software with readily available resources like Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. Other GPS tracking software programs accommodate the use of custom made paper, marine, or digital maps whereby standard mapping options fail to offer the required details.

Simultaneous Tracking

GPS tracking programs are now used to map and track the exact location of more than one GPS tracking gadget at a time. GPS tracking software uses advanced technology to show a fleet of cars on one screen where each car has a GPS tracking device.

Web applications

It has become easy to offer GPS tracking software online. A few providers of GPS tracking software now offer access to GPS tracking programs on a web basis at a monthly cost or annual licensing fee. An advantage of the web based GPS tracking is that the subscriber does little or no maintenance since the updates are made by the provider of the service.

Other providers of this service will offer private branding of the GPS applications so that licensees are able to sell subscriptions to their own clients. This is a great opportunity for GPS tracking device entrepreneur or dealer who wants to earn a monthly income on the basis of selling GPS tracking subscriptions to clients who buy GPS tracking devices.

GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software, like other technological forms like phones and PCs, have advanced greatly in the last ten years. The cost of an average GPS tracking gadget continues to decrease and this makes GPS tracking more affordable to small businesses and individuals. Hence GPS tracking is one of the smartest businesses of this age.

Cool Things a Toaster Oven Can Do

What is a toaster oven? A toaster oven is like a small version of your ordinary oven, the good part is that it uses less energy and cooks way faster. Maybe at this point you start asking yourself, what you would use toaster ovens for. Well apart from the obvious toast making, a lot of cool things can be done using toaster ovens. Below are a few uses you should probably know.

1. Baking Desserts & Bread: Baking with a toaster oven is quite simple and fun. Why is it fun? Simply because you could bake sweet delicious treats like pies, muffin, cupcakes, cookies, cake and don’t forget the bread.

2. Potato Baking: According to my experience, nothing bakes potatoes more beautifully than toaster ovens. They became incredibly soft and over the top delicious. Interestingly enough you can make French fries right at home using the toaster oven.

3. Reheating Leftovers: If you want the taste and texture of your leftovers to remain exactly as it was when first eating, then the toaster oven is your best bet. It works better than your microwave which leaves food a little bit soggy.

4. Cooking Chicken: You could cut your chicken in half and roast it beautifully using a toaster oven. A fully sized chicken may not fit but it will cook half a chicken deliciously.

5. Make biscuits: Toaster ovens generally make delicious biscuits that are neither hard or dry. Try out making biscuits using you toaster oven today, and i guarantee you will love them immensely.

6. Warm Plates: To keep your food from getting cold too fast, you could use a toaster oven to warm your plates. Set the toaster oven to low temperature to slowly heat up your plates just before a meal.

7. Make a Side Dish: You may be cooking with your oven and you realize you need a side dish to go with your main dish, At this point you probably don’t have a lot of time, you can easily use the toaster oven to cook a side dish while the main dish is still cooking in the oven.

8. Cooking Frozen Pizza: I know it is conventional to cook frozen pizza with a microwave, but toaster ovens are even better. Don’t take my word for it, try it today and compare it yourself.

9. Cook Bacon: If your tired of cooking bacon on a pan while grease is splashing everywhere, then the toaster ovens are your salvation. It will make cooking bacon so much easier and stress-free.

10. Dehydrate Vegetables & Fruits: Place the sliced fruit or vegetable on the baking sheet and set the temperature to minimum. Let them cook for a few hours or until completely dehydrated.

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History of Smart Thermostats

Everyone likes to save money, that’s a universal truism. And more and more these days we are also becoming aware of ourorcarbon footprint. It is a concern that our lifestyles and habits will affect not only the current generation but generations to come. Consumers, proudly led by the Millennials, are hyper aware of wanting your what they need and nothing more. Energy consumption has taken center stage in both saving money and shrinking our carbon footprint thus ensuring future people of adequate resources.

In the old days, one would simply have a thermostat on their wall, decide what temperature they desired in the summer and winter, and leave it at that setting and forget about it. Those days are quickly going the way of the Studebaker and the Commodore 64. The new smart thermostats are brilliant little magicians attached to your wall. They can do a myriad of thing to make your life easier. They hook up to the internet and can allow you to change the setting and check on them at any point in your day if you log on from a computer or smart phone. If you want to turn the heat up because when you left for work it was sunny and warm but by lunchtime, there was a cold snap and some snow, you can make sure the dog, plants and tropical fish are kept toasty warn, all with the swipe of a finger on your device.

You can program the entire house at one temperature across the board, or choose to have a different zone (rooms) in your home to have customized temperatures. For example, let’s say you have those tropical fish and some plants that need it warm in the sun room. You can make it a nice 75 degrees for them. But wait, you like it cooler in your bedroom while you sleep! You can program the bedroom (or zone) to be 68 degrees. Not only does a smart thermostat keep things comfortable, but it makes sure you spend only the amount you need to since you don’t have to overheat the entire house just to accommodate the fish and plants.

Some of the higher end smart thermostats will also allow you to see, in real time, what amount of energy your individual items are using (like the refrigerator, TV, computers, and stereo,) This way you know where the energy hogs are and can react appropriately, like maybe unplugging thing when not in use. Some will also ‘learn’ your family’s habits and will eventually do the raising and lowering of the temperature based on its observations. Owners of these thermostats also qualify for tax credits so, in addition to lowering your energy bills, Uncle Sam cuts you a break. It seems that smart thermostats are going to become the new normal.

7 Keys to Determining The Bespoke Streaming Service For You

The Recording Industry Association of America claimed in a report last year that streaming services are monopolizing the music industry in a steady clip, outperforming digital downloads, CDs, and records revenue-wise. The User base of these services has ballooned beyond 100 million users, Spotify alone courting a separate 70 million non-paying users. These services allow you to stream on mobile, the web, and at home, just about any song, at any time of the day, for a monthly fee of about $10.

Though the mounting line-up of the services is all similar at the bottom, your personal preferences and idiosyncrasies can put a whole world of difference between them. You may find a library boasting of millions of anytime,  missing tons of tracks, with playlists that take ages to get updated. However, the following considerations can help you decide Best Music Streaming Service

  1. The content and Characterization of the Music catalog:

These services typically have catalogs stocked-piled with at least 20 million songs, so you are most likely going to find any track of your choice with any service. Exceptions will preference be borne out of unavailability of particular artists, boycotts by other artists from a service for a number of reasons, and the favoritism for one class of artist over another.

Also, you should also consider the type of playlists available. Spotify’s long-standing records, as well as millions of user-generated playlists, give it a leading edge in that aspect.

  1. Exclusives:

Non-catalogue competition among the service providers is unfolding in intriguing dimensions; “artist exclusives” being the latest. Public release on other platforms is happening only after weeks of release on a particular service, Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo favoritism on Tidal a perfect example. Tidal ranked the most downloaded app in the US app store months down the line.

  1. Storing and Streaming Music in the Same Place:

Among services which give you access to both their enormous catalog and your uploaded, personal music collection is Spotify, Amazon music, Xbox Music and Google Play Music. With such alternatives available, you get the best of both worlds; your curated collection and theirs.

  1. How to Streaming Works

The majority of these outfits offer their services through iOS, Windows Phone, Android, as well as web apps or peculiar desktop applications for computers. Some services can sync up with home entertainment devices like smart TVs. Spotify and Xbox music can use PlayStation or Xbox as outlets.

  1. Where and How to Get Free-stuff:

All music streaming services offer free-trials for first-timers. Apples take pride in being the best music service in this aspect. Free subscriptions the limits on how you can listen to music. Rdio mobile apps, for instance, only allows you to listen to radio stations, instead of choosing particular tracks at will.

  1. Offline Listening:

Some people wouldn’t really mind saving up some data, thus cutting down on data consumption by online streaming is another legitimate consideration. Listening to music while traveling in an area with sloppy network coverage is a bane if you are totally dependent on online music streaming.

  1. Micromanagement:

Playing something in the background as you’re working in your office or shop is really cool. But this has to happen without the constant need of managing queues, winding down a playlist, or skipping tracks.

Apple HomePod Will Change The Future?

Apple claims to reinvent the home music with its launch of Apple HomePod which is coming this December. This new innovation will redefine how we enjoy music wirelessly within our home.

Apple’s all-in-one wireless is ready to challenge the best and expensive in the market and the technical specifications are quite impressive.

  1. All in 7 inches tall HomePod, includes years of software and hardware innovation
  2. It has upward facing woofer, accustomed with A8 chip enables the bass control through real time software modeling which ensures the bass delivers the cleanest bass possible without disruption.
  3. Of course, these features make a perfect speaker but what makes Apple HomePod special is its- Siri Powered speaker. It can connect with Apple services and Apple music and serve as a home assistant.
  4. With automatic room sensing technology, the HomePod can easily recognize its position in the room, if it’s in the corner, on a bookshelf, on a table or in the middle of the room within seconds and accordingly adjust its sound to deliver a mesmerizing music listening experience irrespective where it’s placed in the room.
  5. Six microphones are built into the top of the pod so that it can detect your voice from any part of the room. With Siri waveform at the top, it indicates when engaged and integrated touch control technology enables easy navigation.
  6. Using both reflected and direct audio, it can automatically detect the balance between the speakers to provide amazing audio quality wirelessly.
  7. When it comes to playing music, you get a choice of songs, albums or artist on your command. It also lets you know who the drummer is and when was the song recorded etc.
  8. With seven beamforming tweeters along with individual amplifier provides smooth and well-balanced timbre and directional control of beam sizes and shape
  9. Easy setup- simply hold your iPhone next to your HomePod and it will start playing in seconds.
  10. Apple made it a point of emphasizing the security and it claims that Apple HomePod will only send information to Apple’s server only when “Hey Siri” is recognized and information will be sent encrypted.
  11. The HomePod can be used to set reminders, check the weather, answer questions and integrate with all your compatible appliances.
  12. There is also a home kit for users and can act as home kit base station enabling users to control other home accessories. As a home assistant, it can send messages, updated on sports, news by asking Siri to turn the light on.


HomePod will be available in the US with a launch price of $349 and the prices in UK and Australia will be announced by the end of this year.

HomePod undoubtedly packs advanced speaker technology, wireless access and Siri intelligence that can rock your room and also be a helpful assistant.There is still a lot to unfold about the HomePod as we are months away from its release date and there is a lot that can change between now and the release date. From the look of it now, it makes sense, if you are deeply engrossed in Apple Music.