Apple HomePod Will Change The Future?

Apple claims to reinvent the home music with its launch of Apple HomePod which is coming this December. This new innovation will redefine how we enjoy music wirelessly within our home.

Apple’s all-in-one wireless is ready to challenge the best and expensive in the market and the technical specifications are quite impressive.

  1. All in 7 inches tall HomePod, includes years of software and hardware innovation
  2. It has upward facing woofer, accustomed with A8 chip enables the bass control through real time software modeling which ensures the bass delivers the cleanest bass possible without disruption.
  3. Of course, these features make a perfect speaker but what makes Apple HomePod special is its- Siri Powered speaker. It can connect with Apple services and Apple music and serve as a home assistant.
  4. With automatic room sensing technology, the HomePod can easily recognize its position in the room, if it’s in the corner, on a bookshelf, on a table or in the middle of the room within seconds and accordingly adjust its sound to deliver a mesmerizing music listening experience irrespective where it’s placed in the room.
  5. Six microphones are built into the top of the pod so that it can detect your voice from any part of the room. With Siri waveform at the top, it indicates when engaged and integrated touch control technology enables easy navigation.
  6. Using both reflected and direct audio, it can automatically detect the balance between the speakers to provide amazing audio quality wirelessly.
  7. When it comes to playing music, you get a choice of songs, albums or artist on your command. It also lets you know who the drummer is and when was the song recorded etc.
  8. With seven beamforming tweeters along with individual amplifier provides smooth and well-balanced timbre and directional control of beam sizes and shape
  9. Easy setup- simply hold your iPhone next to your HomePod and it will start playing in seconds.
  10. Apple made it a point of emphasizing the security and it claims that Apple HomePod will only send information to Apple’s server only when “Hey Siri” is recognized and information will be sent encrypted.
  11. The HomePod can be used to set reminders, check the weather, answer questions and integrate with all your compatible appliances.
  12. There is also a home kit for users and can act as home kit base station enabling users to control other home accessories. As a home assistant, it can send messages, updated on sports, news by asking Siri to turn the light on.


HomePod will be available in the US with a launch price of $349 and the prices in UK and Australia will be announced by the end of this year.

HomePod undoubtedly packs advanced speaker technology, wireless access and Siri intelligence that can rock your room and also be a helpful assistant.There is still a lot to unfold about the HomePod as we are months away from its release date and there is a lot that can change between now and the release date. From the look of it now, it makes sense, if you are deeply engrossed in Apple Music.