Cool Things a Toaster Oven Can Do

What is a toaster oven? A toaster oven is like a small version of your ordinary oven, the good part is that it uses less energy and cooks way faster. Maybe at this point you start asking yourself, what you would use toaster ovens for. Well apart from the obvious toast making, a lot of cool things can be done using toaster ovens. Below are a few uses you should probably know.

1. Baking Desserts & Bread: Baking with a toaster oven is quite simple and fun. Why is it fun? Simply because you could bake sweet delicious treats like pies, muffin, cupcakes, cookies, cake and don’t forget the bread.

2. Potato Baking: According to my experience, nothing bakes potatoes more beautifully than toaster ovens. They became incredibly soft and over the top delicious. Interestingly enough you can make French fries right at home using the toaster oven.

3. Reheating Leftovers: If you want the taste and texture of your leftovers to remain exactly as it was when first eating, then the toaster oven is your best bet. It works better than your microwave which leaves food a little bit soggy.

4. Cooking Chicken: You could cut your chicken in half and roast it beautifully using a toaster oven. A fully sized chicken may not fit but it will cook half a chicken deliciously.

5. Make biscuits: Toaster ovens generally make delicious biscuits that are neither hard or dry. Try out making biscuits using you toaster oven today, and i guarantee you will love them immensely.

6. Warm Plates: To keep your food from getting cold too fast, you could use a toaster oven to warm your plates. Set the toaster oven to low temperature to slowly heat up your plates just before a meal.

7. Make a Side Dish: You may be cooking with your oven and you realize you need a side dish to go with your main dish, At this point you probably don’t have a lot of time, you can easily use the toaster oven to cook a side dish while the main dish is still cooking in the oven.

8. Cooking Frozen Pizza: I know it is conventional to cook frozen pizza with a microwave, but toaster ovens are even better. Don’t take my word for it, try it today and compare it yourself.

9. Cook Bacon: If your tired of cooking bacon on a pan while grease is splashing everywhere, then the toaster ovens are your salvation. It will make cooking bacon so much easier and stress-free.

10. Dehydrate Vegetables & Fruits: Place the sliced fruit or vegetable on the baking sheet and set the temperature to minimum. Let them cook for a few hours or until completely dehydrated.

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