Advancements in GPS Tracking

GPS tracking software is usually used in many GPS tracking gadgets and this software continues to evolve. The combined power of the computer, the satellite, and internet technology has led to the growth of GPS tracking software to include more options than ever. The latest advancements and features in this field are highlighted below. Learn more from

Real-Time Updates

This is dependent on the GPS tracking gadget on use. This software can offer a live and on-screen report on the exact location of a person, vehicle or parcel from anywhere in the globe. This feature has offered a very cost effective tracking solution inclusive of shipping, commercial fishing, and aviation. This application of GPS tracking ensures that every company asset has a GPS tracking device.


At one time, GPS tracking was considered to only offer crude renditions of the real terrain. But this application has improved greatly over time. GPS tracking software now offers real photo maps in detail from any position of a GPS tracking gadget. This has been enhanced by the integration of GPS tracking software with readily available resources like Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. Other GPS tracking software programs accommodate the use of custom made paper, marine, or digital maps whereby standard mapping options fail to offer the required details.

Simultaneous Tracking

GPS tracking programs are now used to map and track the exact location of more than one GPS tracking gadget at a time. GPS tracking software uses advanced technology to show a fleet of cars on one screen where each car has a GPS tracking device.

Web applications

It has become easy to offer GPS tracking software online. A few providers of GPS tracking software now offer access to GPS tracking programs on a web basis at a monthly cost or annual licensing fee. An advantage of the web based GPS tracking is that the subscriber does little or no maintenance since the updates are made by the provider of the service.

Other providers of this service will offer private branding of the GPS applications so that licensees are able to sell subscriptions to their own clients. This is a great opportunity for GPS tracking device entrepreneur or dealer who wants to earn a monthly income on the basis of selling GPS tracking subscriptions to clients who buy GPS tracking devices.

GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software, like other technological forms like phones and PCs, have advanced greatly in the last ten years. The cost of an average GPS tracking gadget continues to decrease and this makes GPS tracking more affordable to small businesses and individuals. Hence GPS tracking is one of the smartest businesses of this age.